Thursday, January 20, 2011

Professional Framers Wanted

April 2nd is our first compressed build framing day! We are preparing for our compressed framing build and are in the process of identifying 15 lead volunteers who are skilled, professional framers that can lead a crew of 10 volunteers. The teams are broken up in the following groups. Team Leads must be professional, patient and willing to lead a group of skill and un-skilled volunteers.

  1. Cut team- precut all studs, trimmers, headers and blocking- need cut list
  2. Stairs- landing and stairs
  3. Wall material layout- Spread  lumber in preparation for nailing
  4. Wall nailing- Check and nail all lumber in walls in preparation for sheeting
  5. Sheeting- square wall, sheet, tack and snap nailing lines and openings
  6. Sheeting nailing- nail sheeting, cut openings (shear wall strapping)
  7. Wall standing- Stands, plumb, line and secure
  8. Floor layout- Mark plates for all beams, joists, including hangers
  9. Floor cutters- cut beams, joists, blocks
  10.  Beams- set all beams (most in first floor)
  11.  Joists framing-
  12.  Hardware installation- hold downs, hangers
  13.  Exterior deck- posts, joists
  14.  Exterior staircases- walls, landings stairs
  15.  Subfloor installation
Please contact our volunteer framing coordinator, Craig Hawkins at

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