Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Update

A lot is happening on the Jacob’s Well project.
  • We have been amazed that during the fourth quarter community members, churches and businesses through a series of events, concerts, a sleep-out, designated offerings, individual contributions and a couple grants raised a generous $199,840! Dollars raised are designated to the purchase of the materials and building supplies needed for the project! With our pay-as-we-go building model, this amount takes us just about through the purchase of the roofing materials. 
  • We have raised the money needed to install the waterlines, sewers, pay for the lumber needed for framing, windows and about ½ of the roofing material. We are blown away by that support! We are now raising money to purchase the other half of the roofing material and to purchase the exterior doors.
  • We are finalizing the water line bids and installation should begin within the next few weeks.
Once the water line and fire hydrant are installed, we will start volunteer crews framing the structure. TENTATIVELY we are looking at an April 1st kick-off and will need all levels of expertise on site from professional, skilled and unskilled framers, people to man the registration table, safety officers, floaters to keep the site clean, knowledgeable runners to keep the framers supplied with the right tools and materials, videographers/photographers, someone to manage the tool crib, and a whole hospitality crew to make sure volunteers are feed and appreciated.

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