Monday, December 7, 2009

Notes from Dec. 3rd Meeting

Below are notes from the Vision House Shoreline Project (Jacob’s Well) meeting on 12/3/09. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or corrections. Thank you for all your support and interest!

After reviewing the project’s history and overview, recent
commitments from Calvin Presbyterian Church, Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church, and Aurora Nazarene Church, and Mars Hill Church were shared. Vision House appreciated these churches’ efforts to financially support this project and provide examples to others!

Each group discussed next steps to support the project:

1. The Prayer Support Group bathed the project and this meeting
with prayer. They will be communicating prayer requests and responses on a regular basis. A prayer walk on the project property was conducted after the meeting. Contact Pam Jackson

2. The Recruitment Group will be contacting 300 churches by the
end of January. They would appreciate any assistance with this effort and any leads to specific churches. Contact Jim Manker or Bill Bear

3. The Communications Group is working on various tools to
support the project – Power Point Presentation, Project Graphic Puzzle, Project Video, and Press Releases. They asked everyone support with viral marketing through Face book, Twitter, and You Tube; as well web site links with Vision House. Contact Judson Bartels

4. The Construction Group reviewed the talents and resources in
the group. A three-member project management team has been formed. There are still needs for a construction supervisor and captains for each construction phase. The group discussed various ways to involve vendors for assistance with labor and resources. Vision House can provide L&I coverage for volunteers, liability coverage for venders, and tax donations. Building permits need to be pulled by February and construction needs to start within the year. Contact Susan Camerer

“The City” software will be used for project activity. Vision House needs email addresses of interested parties to incorporate into the software. This software will be used for events/calendars, group activities & communications, as well as tracking commitments, resources, and requests. Once you are connected with The City, please join all interested working groups.

The next gathering is planned for the first Thursday in March at Schirmer Auditorium again. More details again.

Thank you for sacrificing part of your morning!

Gary Kingsbury
Vision House Board Member
cell: 206-962-1496

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