Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and the Latest Updates

First of all, Merry Christmas!! Here is some of the latest news regarding the Jacob’s Well project.
1. Lake Forest Park Pres. has committed to the clearing with the support of Matt Howland at Howland Homes. They are also considering taking on the earthwork, grading, transport, excavation and export. This would be a huge blessing.
2. Another group is currently considering taking on the foundation.
3. Adam Blackner from Precision Site Works is currently working on a bid for the other pieces of the site work.
4. Liza Lange, Joan Neiman and Dan Pica have all agreed to support the project management efforts.
5. Joan Neiman and Susan Camerer will be meeting with the architects on January 6th to finalize the project specs.
6. Mars Hill Shoreline, Aurora Nazarene, Calvin Pres and several other churches have fundraising efforts taking place. Please send updates when you have them.
7. Pam Jackson, Margo Serrano and Emily Olsen are heading up the prayer team.
8. Jim Manker, Gary Kingsbury, Bill Bear and Linda Rutowski are working on Recruiting.
9. Judson Bartels, Justin Schaeffer and others are working on communications.
10. Bill Sunderland from VisionSynergy and Gary Kingsbury have both done an excellent job facilitating this effort.

Please fill in with more detail if you have it!! Thanks. Susan Camerer, Executive Director

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