Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recap of JW Construction Planning Group

The meeting had 28 participants, representing 15 different organizations. Background information on Vision House and the Shoreline (Jacob’s Well) project was shared. Participants discussed their possible involvement in the project, commitments, questions/issues, and next steps. A special group on construction issues was formed.

Key items from these discussions were:

  • The need for more networking activities to increase the number of participating churches and other organizations. Jim Manker challenged the group to bring someone with them to the December 3rd meeting, doubling our numbers! Please let me or Vision House know if you need any support or materials to do your peer-to-peer recruiting.

  • The need for an updated data base of churches and key church and community players in the North King County and South Snohomish County area. Linda Rutkowski volunteered to work with the Vision House staff to complete this task.

  • The need for a prayer support group for the project. Emily Olsen and Pamela Jackson volunteered to get this group started and working.

  • The need for project management/project leader. Susan Camerer is currently filling this role until other resources can take over this responsibility.

  • The need for a Shoreline project video with history and story by Kurt Campbell. Steve Tompkins and James Harleman volunteered to get the resources for the video and contact Kurt for this project.

  • The need for additional web-based tools. Steve Tompkins volunteered to see if Zondervan Publishing would donate their social networking tool, “The City,” to this project.

  • The construction group needs a more detailed budget. Todd, Victor, Gabby, and Susan will work to get this information.

  • The need for more resources and funding to do the project! Participants were asked to identify what resources and funding is available from their organization, and bring this information to the December 3rd meeting. Obviously this is a major prayer request also.

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