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Minutes from the March 4th Planning Meeting

JW Planning Group Meeting
March 4, 2010 – 7:00 am

Worship, welcome and opening prayer - Jim Manker, Pastor, Aurora Nazarene Church and Brain.

Opening remarks – Susan Camerer, Executive Director, Vision House
•2009 was a tough year for Vision House but we made adjustments mid-year and we continued to provide much needed housing and critical services for homeless mothers and children.
•Since 2002, 93% of Vision House families have successfully transitioned to permanent housing and a better way of life.
•Our accomplishments in 2009 include:
Provided housing and support services for 28 homeless mothers, 56 children and 16 men.
Began the Learning Achievement Recognition Center (LARC), a program that rewards kids for achieving academic progress.
Opened a new facility in Renton, which added 3 apartments for homeless families. We also expanded our child care center.
Completed construction documents to build Vision House Jacob’s Well in Shoreline.

Vision House staff introductions
•Kristi Slattery, Volunteer Coordinator (Hospitality Team)
•Melissa Gehrig, Office Manager & Human Resources Manager (“go to” person)
•Mary Burton, Communications & Donor Relations Manager (Communications Team)
•Janine Bell, Children’s Village Director
•Anne Snook, Family Services Director
•John Camerer, Director of Operations
•Jeff Darr, Finance Manager (Construction support with contracts, designated funds and in-kind contributions)
•Kris LaBrie, Finance Associate
•Michelle Nelson, Grant Writer and Event Coordinator (Event and Grant/proposal writing support)
•Jim Shapiro, Fundraising and Events

We also were introduced to Rob Beem, Manager, for Community Services Division, City of Shoreline. Rob expressed that there is strong community support to housing, women and children. He’s excited to be a part of the process.

Task Force Updates:

Construction: Matt Howland and Adam Blackmer
•Need your support – ask your favorite companies to donate, step up and be involved.
•Next steps: clearing & grading in April.
•Working to re-estimate the project and costs associated.
•Susan mentioned several new project partners.

Recruitment: Jim Manker
•Team is excited to get the word out and get people and churches involved.
•45 churches in Shoreline alone; we want to see all of those churches involved.
•Vision of hundreds of churches coming together, addressing our local community needs and helping displaced moms and kids.
•Can provide resources and training to individuals and churches to share the message.

Communications: Judson Bartels
•Need your support – share the message with anyone and everyone
•We’ve got 1,000+ fans on the Facebook Fan Page (yeah!)
•Let’s work to double this quickly
•The City is a social networking tool for internal communications; let Judson know if you would like to be linked to The City.
•Video being produced by Mars Hill (many thanks to Doug Irvine). Previewed the video (amazing!)
•Article has appeared in the Journal (check out the link below)
Prayer: Pam Jackson
•Pam shared about Prayer Walk in August 2009
•If you’re not sure where you want to connect, prayer is always needed.
•Send Pam any requests, praises

Fundraising: Jim Shapiro
•Team is excited to come alongside and help coordinate fundraising events.
•Think creatively – what can you do?
•Several events coming up, including:
March 7, 2010 Concert at Aurora Nazarene Church
April 11, 2010 Groundbreaking at JW site
May 13, 2010 NoHomelessKids Benefit Lunch – great opportunity to bring new people, introduce them to Vision House

Call to Action – Jim Shapiro
Response card has various opportunities and several people signed up to volunteer on committees.

Closing – Gary Kingsbury
Recap of the morning:

March 7th, 6:00 PM
Fundraising Concert and Dessert
Aurora Church of the Nazarene
April 11, 2:00 PM
JW Ground Breaking – JW Property
(Possible prayer event immediately prior to ground breaking)
May 13th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM
NoHomelessKids Luncheon
Celebrating 20 years of helping
homeless families rebuild their lives
Bellevue Hilton
June 3rd, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Next Jacob’s Well Planning Meeting
Third Place Commons, Lake Forest Park
End of August: Voices Prayer event – A prayer and worship gathering on the Jacob’s Well property.
Fall 2010: Watch for a fall fundraising event. Dollars raised will be dedicated to the Jacob’s Well expansion.

Upcoming events –Utilize video, speakers to spread the message
Use Facebook fan page


Construction•Matt Howland and Adam Blackmer led the construction team break-out session.
•Construction commitment/interest card was passed around and filled out by interested parties.
•Joan Neiman will be following up on the interest forms.
•Concern exists about finding a plumber prior to the slab work being completed. Please keep the need for a plumber in your thoughts and prayers. If you know someone that might be interested, please have them contact Joan Neiman
•Several questions were asked and answered about infiltration and sustainable and “green” building best practices.
•The group is continuing to identify major construction companies that will support larger initiatives.
•The leaders asked that smaller groups of individuals who are interested in supporting the project, be “held on to” until we have significant work parties on site that will most likely happen toward the end of the project.

Next steps:
Judy, Ellie, Joan and Gabby will begin work on a plan to get the specs done.
Joan will follow up with contacting the interested construction parties.
Matt, Joan and Susan will begin weekly meetings.
Adam will work on finding out about Fruhling’s involvement once Ed is well after surgery.

Judson Bartels and Mary Burton led the communications team break-out session.
Discussed various social networking tools - Facebook, The City, blogging, Twitter
Brainstormed ways to get information out about JW - writing and submitting more articles (such as to, letting churches know we have a new JW video and a JW rep can come and show it and share about the project. Or churches can show video themselves and we can provide handouts/info.

Fund Raising• Jim Shapiro and Kristi Slattery facilitated the fundraising team break-out session.
Fundraising ideas:
Hosting a date night. Youth groups provide childcare for a donation. Solicit local businesses to provide a % off coupon
Community BBQ
Host a Luau and have a VH booth
The biggest take away from our group was Jim empowering people to think about even the small ways that you could do a fundraiser as every little bit counts. Everyone was excited about hosting their own event.
Kristi shared some shared opportunities for the Hospitality Group.

Prayer Team
Prayer team met from prayer and then Pam Jackson led several members of the group on a prayer walk on the JW property.

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